Social Media Contents

Monthly packages of lifestyle social media content
for bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs, business owners.

Consists of

lifestyle images
story templates
caption ideas


Every month there are only 100 from each package available.


There are more than 1 billion Instagram profiles, over 2.7 billion monthly active Facebook users,
and over 60 million active business pages… so you’ll still have unique content + you can modify
photos and copies to represent your style, personality, opinion, and business.

Et voila, you’ll have your content ready to publish in just a couple of minutes.

You are a blogger, influencer, small business owner, entrepreneur?


You want to be consistent on social media, to grow your account,
connect with followers, to sell more?

BUT frequently you don’t have time, content, or inspiration
and you don’t want to hire an agency.

Social Media Contents is for you.

In doubt how to modify
content to your account?

Same image but different caption depending on the topic of account.

One coffee per week less in a favorite coffee shop is ___$ more in your pocket to invest in___.
How to be more productive? Set a reward for every task. Today it is a coffee break.
First thing first. After morning coffee we’ll start our working day with the short layered crop with bangs. This hairstyle is one of the top 5 in 2020 and is highly demanded in our studio. Examine how we do it in highlights „Short haircuts“.
Thinking about plans for the next few busy days while sipping the first coffee of the day.
Why coffee with cow milk is not healthy.
Leave that coffee and go to the gym.
The best coffee in my life I had in ___.
On a break while kids are in school.
First coffee of the day wearing a big chunky sweater over a pajama. Fall is just around the corner.
A recipe for sweets to eat on a coffee break.

These are just ideas. The possibilities are countless.

We suggest these sentences remain just a base and to fill the copy
with your personal or business plans, habits, opinions, and ideas.

Pick what suits you best.

Benefits For You

Be consistent and post with a plan.


Never again panic because you don’t have an inspiration or content to share! 


Grow your account, build community, and have connections with followers.


Sell less aggressive. You’ll have a balance between selling and lifestyle content.
Allow your customers the opportunity to hear the stories behind the brand
and love it even more.


Combine this content with your self-made one or
you can use only content you get here.


Redeem your time for what is more important to you.


Ready to Start

15 images
15 caption ideas
15 story templates


BONUS 15 quotes (square & story dimensions)
BONUS Instagram story content plan for the whole month


This would cost at least $1,500 if you hire an agency.
You would spend hours and hours of work if you do it by yourself.


Pay only $ 100 with Social Media Contents.

Special offer for the first 50 people in 2021.
$ 50 for the content in January
50% off promo code for the rest of the year

Two packages are available


Bright package images preview

Click to enlarge


Bright package images preview

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Dark package images preview

Click to enlarge

Buy 2 for $150$75! Just for the first 50 people in 2021.

/ 120 unique pieces of content + Instagram story content plan which is the same in both packages /

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy it?
There are 200 packages in total available for download every month (100 Bright and 100 Dark). Every 1st in a month new content is available. Be quick and buy your package before it is sold out.
May I modify the content?
Use it as it is or make modifications – crop, edit, use filters, insert text… Modify the captions and adjust it to your business, personal opinion, lifestyle, tone of communication…
Can I preview content before buying?
You may see preview of feed images in Ready to start section where packages are described. Templates and captions you can’t preview. We didn’t use any filter or preset so you may edit images on your own and give your personal touch.
Can I buy packages released in one month in another one (e.g. published in June to buy in July)?
No, packages are available for purchasing only in the month when they are released. Every first in a month, new packages will be published.
Is this content exclusive for social media?
No! You may use it on any social media channel as well as website, ebook, newsletter, ads… It’s not time-limited so you can use it whenever you want.
What topics are included?
Lifestyle, Productivity, Work, Inspiration, Vacation, Food, Beverage, Fashion, Home, Healthy life, Fitness, Books, Flowers, Jewelry, Interior, Makeup, Holidays, Quotes, Art…
Can I buy a subscription?
Not right now, but we are working on that.
Stayed tuned.
Can I use this content forever?
Yes, you can! Just keep in mind that you need to download it on your devices.The package will be available for download for 3 months after purchasing, after that period it’s going to be deleted from our server.

Save time + Reduce stress + Stay focused

Get your account seen & loved.

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